Programs & Ministries

If you are interested in volunteering at St. Frances Cabrini, please reach out to the contact person in charge of the ministry that you are inquiring about. If you receive no response, please contact the Parish Rectory 631-732-8445.

St. Frances welcomes your time and talent in our various ministries. You are vital to the growth and outreach of our Parish. Bless us with your participation. Thank you.


Religious Formation (Religious Education Teachers)

“Let the children come to me; do not prevent them for the Kingdom of God belong to such as these.” (Mk. 10:13)

We are fortunate to have parents, grandparents, young adults fulfilling the role as Religious Education teachers. They are motivated individuals who come to share and teach their faith to the students of our parish, which includes, morals for everyday life. The teachers share the Catechism with the students through various forms of media provided by the Diocese and the Parish. As time moves on we are forever grateful for those who come to share and participate in our program If you would like to join our program training and subject materials will be provided by the Parish. Upon completion of training you will become a part of one of the classes are conveniently held during the week. If you feel that you would like to become a part of the program contact: Sylvia Murdolo, 631-698-3149.

The St. Martin de Porres Ministry

This ministry is dedicated to the cleaning of the church. If you like to clean and want to share your talents with us at St. Frances Cabrini, then we would be happy to have you join this ministry. The team of dedicated volunteers gathers on Monday after the 8:00 am mass and Fridays at 8:00 am. If you are interested in being part of this ministry, please call the rectory at 631-732-8445 and leave your name and contact information.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

“Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature” (Mk. 16:15)

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is vital ministry used by the Catholic Church to initiate adults who are seeking a relationship with God in Christ. It is designed to ready them for baptism, confirmation and Eucharist, the sacraments of Christian Initiation. Members of the Saint Frances faith community are invited to participate in the RCIA rites. In becoming a member of this team, you will come to share scripture reflections as you provide leadership to those who are struggling to find Christ within their lives. You may also be blessed to be asked to sponsor that one person in search of God, and if needed accept the challenge to be godparents for the catechumens. Program Contact: Janet Lang, through the Parish Rectory 631-732-8445.

Knights of Columbus (KOC)

The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic fraternal service organization. Their principles are Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. Membership is limited to practicing Catholic men who are at least 18 years of age. For the young adults less than 18 years of age, the Knights of Columbus sponsors youth ministry referred to as the “Squires.”  Their goal is to lead them to Christ while showing them how to be part of the Church as they plan scheduled meetings and service events. For further information and consideration please contact: Frank Raffaele, 631-775-8039.

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The Ministry of the Columbiettes is a unified body of Catholic women who work side by side with The Knight of Columbus. Their multiple achievements are soundly based upon their religious convictions of Christianity. The Columbiettes are a dynamic group of a women who actively work towards goals through unity and understanding. If you are willing to share your talent with the community please contact: Doris Gallagher, through the Parish Rectory, 631-732-8445.

Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Catholic Daughter of the Americas is an organization that participates in the religious, charitable and educational tenets of the Church. They are engaged in creative and spiritual program which provide its members with the opportunity to develop their God-given talents in meaningful ways that positively influence the welfare of the church and all the people throughout the world. The Catholic Daughters of the Americas strives to embrace the principle of faith working through love in the promotion of justice, equality and the advancement of human rights and human dignity. For further information on joining this most prestigious group of Christian Ladies please contact: Hazel Roberts 631-882-5798.

Ministry of Respect Life

Saint Frances Cabrini’s Pro Life Family’s Mission is to reach out and help to promote the sanctity of life from conception to natural death through prayer, action, and education. It is designed to bring awareness to others that we are all God’s children and we must all be treated with dignity and respect. The volunteers are actively involved in the March for Life program, the baby bottle drive, and the spiritual adoption program. They join with others in supporting many associated organizations, such as the Gianna Center of Long Island, and maternity residence on Long Island. The parish point of contact is:  Gertrude

The Divine Mercy

The Divine Mercy Ministry promotes devotion to the Divine Mercy message as revealed by Our Lord to St. Faustina and recorded in her diary. Members are called to grow in holiness as they embrace a deeper understanding of Our Lord’s extraordinary gifts of mercy and graces. At the heart of the Divine Mercy message is complete trust in Jesus and His directives such as engage in corporal and spiritual deeds of Mercy. For further information please contact: Sylvia Murdolo through the Parish Rectory, 631-732-8445.

Liturgy Committee

The liturgy committee helps to create and maintain the worship environment for the different liturgical seasons. Advent, Lent, Easter, Christmas, and Ordinary time. They serve the diversified community of St. Frances in sharing their talents and Godly gifts by listening and identifying the needs of the parishioners. They provide valuable inputs to others by exchanging their views and experience as they address cultural difference in liturgy music, customs and traditions of our faith. To make a substantial contribution to the growth to the Parish of St. Frances Cabrini, please contact: Sylvia Murdolo through the Parish Rectory, 631-732-8445.

Other Ministries include:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 10:00am – 1:00pm.
Director: Denise Bugge, Director.  Click here for email.
Parish Social Ministry Telephone Number 631-736-6835

Eucharistic Home Visitors are special ministers of the Eucharist trained to minister to the sick and the homebound. Practicing Catholics who are devoted to the Eucharist,  and who are good listeners are welcome to volunteer. Upon acceptance of the Pastor, and after certification by the Diocese, volunteers may begin to minister to those who can no longer worship at church.  Contact Joyce Lang through the Parish Rectory, 631-732-8445

This lay society serves the needy.  After a home visit, the Vincentians assess the needs, report to the conference, and provide necessary aid.  Contact our Parish Social Ministry Office

The Giving Tree Program helps make Christmas special for over three hundred children and adults who might otherwise receive little or nothing for Christmas.  After generous parishioners have donated gifts inspired by suggestions on the parish Christmas tree, committee members organize and distribute them.
Contact  Parish Social Ministry Office

This ministry involves bringing the church to the nursing home.  Volunteers, Eucharistic Ministers, and the priest celebrate Mass and distribute the Eucharist. They also pray and socialize with the residents.
Contact Doris Debis through the Parish Rectory, 631-732-8445